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For different reasons, peoples skin can become dried out and crack. It could be the winter, it could be a health condition, it could be that you are a nursing mom, it could be the profession you are in requires constant sanitizer or hand washing. Whatever the reason, when you skin becomes dried out it is painful and you need relief and healing. This healing skin salve is an all natural way to soothe and protect your dry skin by using all natural ingredients on your skin.

This healing skin salve is created from organic coconut oil, candula infused olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and lavendar essential oil. These products are all natural and safe for your skin. Just apply the salve to the affected area of your skin to help in soothing the pain and then create a barrier for your skin from the outside elements. The healing skin salve comes in a 3 ounce tin so it is portable for on the go.

The Healing Skin Salve is great for dried out hands, crack feet, eczema patches, breastfeeding and so much more.

**This product is great for breastfeeding moms because it is an all natural way to soothe and protect your dry skin without harming yourself or your child. These products are all natural and safe for your skin and for baby while they are breastfeeding. Just apply the salve after breastfeeding and wipe off the excess salve before feeding again. You can soothe your skin during pregnancy when your body is going through changes and may dry your breast skin out.


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